Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Power of Prayer - Methodist Church Youth Group, Ennerdale. The DDCT Tour, Part 57

   If I was not a believer before this talk, I am now. The praying we(together with the book) received at the end of this presentation simply took my breath away. 
   When I was instructed by the group's leader(Ausi Pulane) to sit on a chair placed in the middle of a circle formed by the church youth members, I had no idea what was to follow. Each member then launched into an individual prayer for yours truly(and the book) to be a success. A praying which lasted for a few minutes.
   To say I was moved by this unexpected gesture is an understatement. By the end of this praying session I was close to tears. I was saved from completely breaking down by not being requested to say something immediately after this intense prayer.
   In looking back on this talk, I think that being prayed for has given me supreme self-confidence. Now, more than before, I feel I will achieve my lofty goal of selling one million copies of my book(FEELING GOOD). When I mention this '1 million' figure during a talk, I say it with tongue-in-cheek. It is a goal I realistically believed I could not achieve. But not anymore. This Wesele youth group has made me believe I can accomplish it.
   Indeed, this making of people to have faith in their ability to achieve their ambitious goals may be a prayer's ultimate function. Because the road to your dream/s is not linear. At times you will hit a plateau, and therefore be tempted to give up. This is when a prayer(or praying) can help, by bringing back a belief in yourself and in your dream. I now believe.


- Ausi Pulane(the group leader) : For the invitation and your trouble in making sure I reach Ennerdale.
- The Methodist Church Youth members: For praying for me like I have never been prayed for before. P.S. And for that fat envelope.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Value of Doing Your Best at All Times - Old Mutual, Lenasia. The Dreams Do Come True Tour, Part 56

   They say it is a small world. Therefore be nice, or be good. 
As you never really know when or where you may meet again a party you have dealt with before in life. 
   On arriving at this Old Mutual branch in Lenasia, I discovered that the manager here is someone I have previously dealt with at another O-M branch.
   Presumably I was good in presenting my talk at her old branch - if I may say so myself. Because getting a speaking engagement at this new branch was not a problem at all.
   Performing to the best of our ability when given a chance, in my opinion, will help not just in minor matters like getting a speaking gig, but in other weightier life issues as well. Like changing jobs, for example.
   Doing well at a task is like one's track record. It is something that will precede or follow you wherever you go. In my case, I normally have to get permission to give a talk from managers. And managers are people with influence. If, for argument sake, I were to drop the ball at one branch, word about my sloppiness would quickly spread to other branch managers. The consequence being that speaking engagements would dry up. 


Ausi Masa( the manager) - For indulging us once more.

Old Mutual staff - For being very attentive, which made me feel like a great speaker.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Delays( or Postponements) Are Part of Life's Journey - ABSA, Trade Route mall. The DREAMS DO COME TRUE(DDCT) Tour - Part 55

   A delay in your plans is like the good Lord is saying to you, " I want to see how much you want this; how hard you are willing to work for it."
   We have all wished - at one time or another - for things to go our way every time. We assumed that this way we would be happier in life.
   But such predictability in life would not be a good thing. It would deny us an opportunity to solve problems, a solving that makes us grow as human beings.
   As a species we have a brain that gives us thinking capacity. A lack of a platform to use this feature of our brains would make us no different from animals, which live by instict.
   A lack of difficulties in our lives would also mean that we cannot exercise patience( a virtue) when
when it comes to our dreams.
   A delay is exactly what it is. It does not mean that your wish/dream will not happen. It may take time, yes. But eventually it will happen. PROVIDED YOU DO NOT GIVE UP.
   And so it was with this Absa talk. For very valid reasons it was postponed twice. On the second occasion it was rescheduled when I was in the branch already, all dressed up and ready to go.
   But on each occasion I was not disheartened. I kept my mind focused on what I wished to happen, which was for the talk to take place. And in the end it did indeed take place.

           SOME THANK YOU'S

- Ntate Talent Sibisi( the branch Manager) : For the permission( and that awesome introduction about supporting local authors)

- ABSA staff : For the love. 'I love you too.'



Sunday, September 4, 2016

Do What Makes You Happy - FNB, LENASIA. The Dreams Do Come True(DDCT) Tour, Part 54

   One is back to giving  the DDCT motivational talks after almost two years of being away. I last gave a talk in 2014(November 21st). I stopped giving these presentations because it was becoming increasingly difficult to get speaking engagements, notwithstanding the fact that these talks were for free.
   This struggle to get gigs made me decide to take some time out and think about things. Were the talks what one really wanted to do in life if  the opportunity to give them is hard to come by? And if I don't do the talks( and the attendant selling of my FEELING GOOD book) how am I going to earn a living then?
   In the midst of this mulling over, we as a family experienced a loss that shook us up badly. My sister - Teboho - passed away unexpectedly after a sudden illness. Sudden in the sense that the previous day she was fine - happy and seemingly healthy. The next day - after being admitted to the hospital overnight - she was gone. 
   After this loss there was no longer any need for me to think things over. I had just been rudely reminded of how little time we may have here on earth. Because truly speaking, we do not know when the Lord will decide that our time is up. It is therefore paramount, I concluded, that we do what we are passionate about in life.
   To this end it then dawned on me that what I really love doing - other than writing and reading - is presenting the DDCT talks. The whole idea of playing a part in motivating people to go for their dreams, I find quite fulfilling.
   That is why I am back. And in this second attempt to make the DDCT talks( and the selling of my FEELING GOOD book) work, I am prepared to give it everything I have got. More so because now there is no Plan B. This is what I want to do in life, I have told myself. So this attempt must( and will) succeed. Watch this space. 

          SOME THANK YOU'S

Mr Justin Moodley( branch Manager) : For the permission.
FNB Lenasia staff: For allowing me into your space.
Ausi Warona: For a heartwarming 'thank you' to yours truly after the talk.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Standard Bank, The Glen mall. The DDCT Tour, Part 53 - Thanking Your Hosts

   You do of course say your 'thanks' immediately after the talk.
In addition, I prefer to express my gratitude for being given the opportunity to address the staff in other ways.
   When I write a post about the talk at a later stage, I will thank the staff and management once again at the bottom of this post. This thanking on the blog I feel helps to continue the positive energy that the talk itself started.
    I will also thank the person in charge( the Manager) by giving them a free copy of our book. But I must hasten to add here that this freebie is not always available. That is because I do run out of  complimentary copies. 
   As for this Standard Bank talk itself, I loved the theatrical experience about it. The seating arrangement was that horseshoe formation with the speaker at the open end. And the staff listened attentively throughout. Here and there this quiet was broken by very enthusiastic F-G claps. "Nice one, Std."

                                                       SOME THANK YOU's
- Ausi Sheron( the Manager) - for the go ahead.
- Standard Bank staff( bo-Ausi Sherine et al) - for hearing me out.


Our FEEL GOOD quote of the week:

"Do you know your bank balance right now? 
Every time you draw or spend money, check where you
stand. Enter every expense into your phone or a notebook.
If you want a good relationship with your money, you have
to pay it attention - and that starts with knowing where it's

- article by Anna Rich( Fairlady magaziune, April 2013)








Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Old Mutual, Park Station. The DDCT Tour, Part 52 - Handling Last-Minute Cancellations

  Sometimes you will get all dressed up, only to find that you have nowhere to go.
   It happened to yours truly twice in this instance. It was only at the third attempt that this Old Mutual talk eventually took place.
  As disheartening as the two last-minute cancellations were, I kept going back. I went back because I wanted the talk to happen. And indeed it did eventually take place, largely because of my perseverance.
 The most important thing to do when you encounter a last-minute cancellation is to never throw in the towel. Or even sulk. Keep smiling and being nice. The reasons for a cancellation are often genuine. Otherwise you would not have been given the go ahead in the first place. 
  Giving your presentation is what you want. If it takes several attempts to achieve this, so be it. 

                                                     SOME THANK YOU's  
- Ausi Lesego ( The Manager ) - For the permission
- Old Mutual staff ( bo-Ausi Lerato et al ) - For hearing me out.


Our FEEL GOOD quote of the week:

"....release any sense of lack - in yourself or your ability, 
opportunity, self-image or application."

Jack Black ( from the book - MINDSTORE )






Thursday, October 23, 2014

ABSA, Oakdene(The Glen mall). The DDCT Tour, Part 51 - Do not Forget to Make it Enjoyable

   Those who know say your audience, deep down, wish you to do well as a speaker.
Meet them half-way by making your motivational talk fun as well. Make it entertaining.
   The Absa staff at this branch reminded me, in a spectacular way, how much fun a talk can be. Right from the beginning, the reception I received here was overwhelming. It was loud and riotous. And the Absa staff never let up. Throughout the talk this merry atmosphere continued unabated.
   To say this talk was one of a kind is not being OTT. Even as I write this - a few days later - I am still feeling damn good from it.
   In my next life, I wouldn't mind to come and work at this branch. 
                    "Much, much love to you Absa Oakdene staff."

                                             SOME THANK YOU's
- Ausi Samantha( The Manager) - For giving me the opportunity.
- Absa staff( bo-Ausi Helen, Ausi Yolandi, Ausi Nokuthula et al)  -  For a very uplifting and humbling experience.


Our FEEL GOOD quote of the week:

" 'DELETE THAT PROGRAMME.' Get into the practice of 
saying this phrase to yourself immediately you hear yourself using 
or thinking negative thoughts. Use it to prompt yourself to replace
a negative word with a positive alternative, for example." 

Jack Black( from the book - MINDSTORE)